All About Moi

I've always wanted to start my own blog on my fashion and lifestyle. My name is Todd Patrick and I am 25 years old living in Louisiana and in the mist of renovating a family home. Which means custom closet, oh yeah! I studied fashion design and merchandising and happy to be the first in my family to graduate college. After that I moved back home with my mom and started my own freelance business as a designer. Its something I do for currency and also enjoy the smiles on peoples faces after they're satisfied with my designs.
Many years ago I started a successful blog in my eyes called  Convict Mannequin. It took a lot of work but overall I learned more about my self and the blog business. It shaped and lead me to start my own fashion and lifestyle blog. Within the blog you'll learn more about my self and my take on fashion and also my very opinionated view on trends, style, and just fashion as a whole. Call me the Fashion Jesus.