Mar 22, 2014

The Vacation Blues

Currently on vacation and I have plenty of stories and exciting photos to share! Stay tuned! 

Mar 2, 2014


Tonight the epic red carpet will take place, and like myself and other fashion lovers, we are thrilled. I also seen this epic photo of these designs of all and past best actress winners. 

Pretty dope huh? Any favorites? I must say Cher's dress is very memorable,but it was the 80's. 

Hilary Swank's 2005 dress! Stunning.

Can't forget the epic first black best Oscar awarding winning actress Halle Berry.

And I must say the most epic of them all had to be when Jennifer Lawrence won but tripped at the steps, but the photo was so graceful and elegant none couldn't help but not only feel bad for Jennifer, but to be in complete amazement at how beautiful the fall was. :) 

{All photos were via all over the internet for public domain}