Feb 4, 2014

Irreconcilable Differences

This year has started off literally with a bang. So much is going on that I can't seem to focus on my blog, but I'm here now and yeah.

I'm currently working everyday probably for the whole month of January. As a freelance designer I try not to over due myself because I'm the type of person that when I start something I have to finish it before I start on another project, and if anyone knows anything about draping is that once its pin to the mannequin, you must then take to the sewing machine to finish those seams. If not once you take out that's it, you'll have to start all over again, and he meaning I is not doing that.

So I've been busy with client work and seeing that I'm learning that my busiest months are between November and March I really haven't had any time for myself. Not only that I'm currently dealing with a sexual harassment potential case by the person who deliverers the fabric I order online. Wish me luck with that. By the way aren't these fabric pieces so cute for the start of the season...spring is upon us people.

Not only that but this past January I had to plan my best friend's bridal shower and it turned out so fabulous, they had photos hanging with balloons from the ceiling and a candy table etc. Also it was the first time I ever hosted a bridal shower but thankfully I co-hosted it with a bridesmaid. I was in the wedding but dropped out due to irreconcilable differences. But I'll still be there in attendance and to donate minimum amount of help if needed. I really just want to enjoy myself to be honest. 

Oh by the way I made the dress. #bloop 

But I leave you with words of encouragement. Never think for one second that the mistakes in your life doesn't happen for a reason. EVERYTHING is already set in place and whats meant to be, will be.