Feb 25, 2014


I honestly can't write to you about how amazing this year has been so far. So I'll just supply a visual.

(Photo via tumblr/Beyonce)

This new year seemed like it'll be hell-ish like in 2013. Well I was wrong. Business hasn't been better, plus I'm finding great deals on my favorite shopping sites. But besides that I'm learning more so about myself and how to carry myself as a businessman. I know this year will be epic because of the number of future projects that has been planned and the number of phone calls that has been made to not only better myself but my brand. In the process a guy here and there come a hollering which I don't mind, but the moment when I see an individual without at least a goal or some type of motivation for a better future it's like a road block, better yet a stop sign. I love being in a relationship with a guy who loves what he is doing and is trying to be the best at what ever he enjoy doing. It's not much I'am asking for but you'll think you'll meet a man who has those qualities. Wrong. It's really like a needle in a hay stack. 

But what I did find enjoying seeing, and was a bit like wait a minute, he looks familiar. Well yes it was the guy from The Rachel Zoe show on Bravo, for my fashion lovers who also watch. Well the fabulous people over at Banana Republic featured Nate Berkus & FiancĂ© Jeremiah Brent in a cute romantic ad. For such a major company to have a "gay couple" ad brings joy to my heart. The fact that kids will see these and think nothing negative of it and because it is normal. It's the world we live in, where people could love the same sex and it won't looked down on. 

How amazing do they look together, and for both to have the same occupation and get along so great. I can't even think of dating another designer, maybe if he was over a major fashion house, then yeah lol.

(Photos via tumblr, but I'm sure you can visit bananarepublic.com)