Feb 23, 2014

Fabulous Finds: Embellish Your Life!

Every now and then I splurge on a statement piece, either a fabulous shoe or a nice piece jewelry. It just so happened that I'm mentally planning outfits for my up and coming singles tour in hell. If you never been on a singles tour in hell it just simply means you're attending a lovely ceremony of two individuals who want to be connected as one under the law. Okay Im attending two weddings soon, two. But it's nothing better than showing up and showing out, basically just enjoying yourself and your single life, with no worries and no problems in my book. So when one show out one must look apart for one, well actually confidence is first above all then your overall appearance. I'd notice that I have plenty of fur and leather bags because thats what I'm addicted to during this raw period in my life and no clutches. Ladies and gents its not cute whatsoever carrying your life into someone elses wedding. Meaning your big bag full of shit. So I needed to downsize and of course being a premier ASOS member I noticed this neon electric yellow clutch. Of course for a reasonable price of $37.64 from River Island was a must in my collection. You can buy yours HERE also in electric pink!

I say all that nonsense to say this. People, you must learn to embellish your life, more so yourself. Meaning treat yourself to the best, not saying make it rain at every department store or spa, but learn to take care of yourself by making yourself the baddest to be ever known. Keep your style trendy but yet inviting and entertaining.