Mar 22, 2014

The Vacation Blues

Currently on vacation and I have plenty of stories and exciting photos to share! Stay tuned! 

Mar 2, 2014


Tonight the epic red carpet will take place, and like myself and other fashion lovers, we are thrilled. I also seen this epic photo of these designs of all and past best actress winners. 

Pretty dope huh? Any favorites? I must say Cher's dress is very memorable,but it was the 80's. 

Hilary Swank's 2005 dress! Stunning.

Can't forget the epic first black best Oscar awarding winning actress Halle Berry.

And I must say the most epic of them all had to be when Jennifer Lawrence won but tripped at the steps, but the photo was so graceful and elegant none couldn't help but not only feel bad for Jennifer, but to be in complete amazement at how beautiful the fall was. :) 

{All photos were via all over the internet for public domain}

Feb 25, 2014


I honestly can't write to you about how amazing this year has been so far. So I'll just supply a visual.

(Photo via tumblr/Beyonce)

This new year seemed like it'll be hell-ish like in 2013. Well I was wrong. Business hasn't been better, plus I'm finding great deals on my favorite shopping sites. But besides that I'm learning more so about myself and how to carry myself as a businessman. I know this year will be epic because of the number of future projects that has been planned and the number of phone calls that has been made to not only better myself but my brand. In the process a guy here and there come a hollering which I don't mind, but the moment when I see an individual without at least a goal or some type of motivation for a better future it's like a road block, better yet a stop sign. I love being in a relationship with a guy who loves what he is doing and is trying to be the best at what ever he enjoy doing. It's not much I'am asking for but you'll think you'll meet a man who has those qualities. Wrong. It's really like a needle in a hay stack. 

But what I did find enjoying seeing, and was a bit like wait a minute, he looks familiar. Well yes it was the guy from The Rachel Zoe show on Bravo, for my fashion lovers who also watch. Well the fabulous people over at Banana Republic featured Nate Berkus & Fiancé Jeremiah Brent in a cute romantic ad. For such a major company to have a "gay couple" ad brings joy to my heart. The fact that kids will see these and think nothing negative of it and because it is normal. It's the world we live in, where people could love the same sex and it won't looked down on. 

How amazing do they look together, and for both to have the same occupation and get along so great. I can't even think of dating another designer, maybe if he was over a major fashion house, then yeah lol.

(Photos via tumblr, but I'm sure you can visit

Feb 24, 2014

A "Shoetique" Haul

Yup, its a haul. I've purchased shoes from their online store before but they were boots and they fitted perfect. But I was a bit worried how their high heels would fit because lord knows that everyone sizes aren't the same, at least from my experience and millions others I've learned in the review sections. Most importantly the heels I ordered were my first stiletto heels. I'm more of a Jeffrey Campbell heel-less shoe lover, and wedges. So I was a bit scared, oh wait I did buy some knee high boots from another online store and they were actually my first stiletto heels, and they were hell! LOL I was wasn't prepared. I nearly couldn't stand. It was a strange feeling feelings because I'm normally the one running in heels, yet I'm here feeling like I just had my first sexual experience again, PAUSE, not saying I was walking funny lol... thats another story, a great private story. Anyway, I was nervous they were going to be the same, but actually I think I have a new favorite pair. The Cosmopolitan in black. The sizes go quick and I can't even find the link for the black, but they have a few other colors.  It was only $33.99 plus the normal regular shipping of $8. And I must say they ship on time and I get them normally within a weeks time. Buy HERE

The Cosmopolitan are my new faves, and shockingly enough its no platform. A high straight heel that I normally hate, felt very comfortable. I didn't need any practice in them whatsoever and can't wait to wear them! #newfavs

Another pair were The Grand Finale in also black. I think black shoes are always safe and could go with anything at any time. For $41.99 it could be yours too. Like I said about the previous pair, the sizes and colors go fast! I only buy shoes from there when I see it has just arrived and is new, otherwise sizes will be hard to find, and my size, a 10, goes pretty fast. I guess I'm a popular customer target, or either they have less inventory. But I needed a simple black pair, and plus they are super high which I love. Buy HERE

 I hate kitten heels, why do they even exist? Anyway, they do hurt a bit, so im breaking them in by wearing them with socks for more than a few hours every other day, but I've only did this once. Is it only because I purchased another pair on the way and might wear them instead? No I don't have a shopping problem, but I couldn't pass them up. You'll see those a bit later, stay tuned.


Feb 23, 2014

Fabulous Finds: Embellish Your Life!

Every now and then I splurge on a statement piece, either a fabulous shoe or a nice piece jewelry. It just so happened that I'm mentally planning outfits for my up and coming singles tour in hell. If you never been on a singles tour in hell it just simply means you're attending a lovely ceremony of two individuals who want to be connected as one under the law. Okay Im attending two weddings soon, two. But it's nothing better than showing up and showing out, basically just enjoying yourself and your single life, with no worries and no problems in my book. So when one show out one must look apart for one, well actually confidence is first above all then your overall appearance. I'd notice that I have plenty of fur and leather bags because thats what I'm addicted to during this raw period in my life and no clutches. Ladies and gents its not cute whatsoever carrying your life into someone elses wedding. Meaning your big bag full of shit. So I needed to downsize and of course being a premier ASOS member I noticed this neon electric yellow clutch. Of course for a reasonable price of $37.64 from River Island was a must in my collection. You can buy yours HERE also in electric pink!

I say all that nonsense to say this. People, you must learn to embellish your life, more so yourself. Meaning treat yourself to the best, not saying make it rain at every department store or spa, but learn to take care of yourself by making yourself the baddest to be ever known. Keep your style trendy but yet inviting and entertaining.


Feb 4, 2014

Irreconcilable Differences

This year has started off literally with a bang. So much is going on that I can't seem to focus on my blog, but I'm here now and yeah.

I'm currently working everyday probably for the whole month of January. As a freelance designer I try not to over due myself because I'm the type of person that when I start something I have to finish it before I start on another project, and if anyone knows anything about draping is that once its pin to the mannequin, you must then take to the sewing machine to finish those seams. If not once you take out that's it, you'll have to start all over again, and he meaning I is not doing that.

So I've been busy with client work and seeing that I'm learning that my busiest months are between November and March I really haven't had any time for myself. Not only that I'm currently dealing with a sexual harassment potential case by the person who deliverers the fabric I order online. Wish me luck with that. By the way aren't these fabric pieces so cute for the start of the season...spring is upon us people.

Not only that but this past January I had to plan my best friend's bridal shower and it turned out so fabulous, they had photos hanging with balloons from the ceiling and a candy table etc. Also it was the first time I ever hosted a bridal shower but thankfully I co-hosted it with a bridesmaid. I was in the wedding but dropped out due to irreconcilable differences. But I'll still be there in attendance and to donate minimum amount of help if needed. I really just want to enjoy myself to be honest. 

Oh by the way I made the dress. #bloop 

But I leave you with words of encouragement. Never think for one second that the mistakes in your life doesn't happen for a reason. EVERYTHING is already set in place and whats meant to be, will be. 


Jan 8, 2014

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