Sep 26, 2013


Versace Spring 2014 SHOES!

Adore these! 

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Innovative: Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014

Burberry Prorsum runway shows are like Christmas mornings. Your excited and fulfilled by the end of it. Burberry's bags for their Spring 2014 RTW collection was by far epic. I loved every detail and design. Oh how I wish I could have a few of those pastel bags now. 

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Sep 1, 2013

Heels,Heels and more HIGH Heels

I'm going to completely keep this conversation short and simple. Well maybe not as short but I'll shorten the stories a bit. 

As a gay male, I found it scary that women would find high heels hard to walk in and very uncomfortable. Mainly because I always thought high heels on a woman was very sexy. Now me being the very last minute to follow the trend kinda guy, of course I was scared because of what the females I was around experienced with their shoes. After being hugely inspired from Bryan Boy before he was "ANTM Bryan Boy," I'm talking high heel wedge wearing Bryan Boy he inspired me to purchase my first pair of high heel shoes which were these fabulous all black wedges from Forever 21. I remember when I first purchased them I was so scared to walk in them for the first time, and plus being a guy and having people stare freaked me out mentally. But I was already strong enough mentally to walk in my truth, and damnit I thought it was super chic and fabulous, plus it made me taller and thinner. 

(Photo above; maybe 2+ years later after buying them, still in good shape today)

Now I would first like to clear up the misunderstanding from strangers who don't know me and judge base on appearance. Even though I still wear high heels with even facial hair, I get a feeling people think I want to be a female just because I wear the normal girl attire, which isn't true. I just find women's clothes and accessories more fabulous mixed with men's wear, plus most men's wear section in department stores are so blah and limited. Not enough color and selection as the women's department. 

Anyway I as normal as I could be, decided to first wear my wedges out in public for a quick shopping run to Wal-Mart. LOL yes and it was probably to get a movie or some ice cream, and I looked fucking fabulous. I was so scared I would trip and fall but I can happily say as of today I haven't stumbled yet. I was so nervous and at the same time excited to buy more and so I did and eventually started buying Jeffrey Campbell 's Night Walk heel-less shoes in black and turquoise. And they are still today my favorites and easy to walk in. 


Don't try to rush walking, keep it sexy and chic. Never a good look for a woman/man to always look as if she is in a rush and don't have time to enjoy the essence. 

Know your shoe. Know what heel type and shoe works for you. A strong straight heel never is comfortable for me to walk in. I love a curve heel. 

Walk with grace, enough said. 

Understand your height limit. Not ever occasion requires a super high heel. but that's for losers, the higher the better for me. 

Always have a sexy high heel in black, black goes with everything. or Nude shoe.


 September Issue of Vogue Mexico 

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