Aug 23, 2013




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Aug 12, 2013

Pause Practice Proceed

When I started this new blog of mine a few months ago, I intended it being very personal. I started to stray away from it being personal to being just like my old blog. I had to take a break and make sure I have everything in order for this blog. 

I decided to take on my own personal 3 P's. 

Pause - Take a break and stop doing the wrong things or the things that aren't making it more rewarding for you to enjoy. Stop doing it and take a big break. I had to do this for not only this blog but my personal life. I took a huge break on my life to help others and I realize while in college I never took a damn pause, I worked and worked and went to school. I kinda loved that rush of knowing I had something to do rather than nothing at all which is where I'm stuck now. My friends often envy my position while I envy theirs. I would love a steady 9-5 job which they all have, but then again I am my own boss and don't have to answer to anyone but myself which I enjoy a lot. But I feel like what I'm doing isn't all that I have to offer to this world. I'm very talented in other things other than sewing and designing. 

Practice - I had to step back and organize the goals I want to accomplish in my life. Sort term and long term while still being realistic. Its like college all over again, dong homework and having to analyze things, but this time its your life. Get your life in order and on the path you want to ride on. I vision this fabulous life I want to live but it'll never become reality if I just stay stuck. 

Proceed - Through it all you must proceed when its hot. I think in life it throws some heavy shit at you sometimes and you have nothing left to do but clean it the fuck up. Which could be draining and shitty, but you get through it and finish. You proceed with your head high and being the true you, living in your own light. Proceed even when others doubt your success, even when others try to stop it, just continue even if you fail and fall down 100 times. Just proceed and learn from every mistake.