Jul 9, 2013

Beyonce covered in glitter!

Beyonce covers another magazine this year and this time, she went full speed ahead. Flaunt magazine's new cover girl "King Bey"  has paid her haters dust, well glitter to be fabulous. I find this new Beyonce very free. Very to say and do whatever she wants, why you ask? Because she is grown and can do whatever she like...hehe. I'm loving this cover and the editorial is to die for. Super chic and fabulous. 

Beyonce by Tony Duran For Flaunt Magazine July 2013

More on this issue over at Flaunt Magazine

Jul 8, 2013

Say No! RIP #foodporn

So I haven't weighed myself since December 2011. I recently did and I could have died. I never weighed this much and was shocked because my comfort level goes by my feelings. I could careless about a weight size, if I feel good I'm going with that. But it was a weight limit I said I didn't want to be over and I'm officially over it. Its time to say no to this fatty food I love! ah sad day in #foodporn.

R.I.P to these wonderful dishes I've had lately...

Its time to walk it out bitches!

Jul 1, 2013


Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013