Jun 9, 2013

The Indecisive Shopper's Manual: Rules 1 & 2

Have you ever had buyers remorse? yeah me either. But I would agree to the fact that I'am a proud indecisive person, well buyer, well actually person.  I can never decide on my hairstyle, what to eat and OMG what to watch. I have buku(definition below) DVD's and would serious spend about 20 minutes going through movie after movie to figure out what to watch. But while shopping I often think about the process of shopping. Yes for my fashionably challenge readers, their is a process my darling. Well I guess i'll give you the insider and first class shopping manual to shopping, especially to the indecisive buyers like myself. 

The Indecisive Shopper's Manual

Rule 1: Gracefully enter the department store and give thanks. After working in retail with and without dealing with customers, its plenty of work and backstage drama for you to even receive the awesome presentation of racks of clothes and shoes, so first give thanks to the workers. This could be said to self and not out loud, one would think your weird and while shopping my dear weird is creepy and cool is chic.


Rule 2: Be cool and know your worth. While shopping stay away from the sales racks, I simply say this because firstly its many seasons ago hints the sale price. But also know that when your purchasing an item, any item home decor alike that you have to shop for quality my dear. If that means you'd rather spend $45 for a nice pair of Zara shoes rather then heading to Wal-Mart and buying maybe 3 pair of shoes for the same price that will only last for 2 weeks is the best choice. 

I have a funny story to tell when I discovered the "ask and you shall receive" moment in my life. It was when I came one with money and getting what I want. Now don't judge me and think I'm a spoiled brat. Not in my case folder, but I will say I worked hard for everything I received as a child and for myself as an young fabulous looking adult. I had normally let my mother decided on what'll i'd wear, not literally but the master in the decision on what to purchase. If your not familiar with my mom, she loves to spend money (gambling at the casinos) but is actually a very cheap person. I'm talking dollar store queen. So one day in my early teens I asked my ex step father to take me shopping for new clothes in which we went to Macy's and purchased my first Tommy Hilfiger and more than one pair of jeans which lasted forever by the way. Never ripped, they simply look new to this day. But I did give them away to charity seeing that I no longer wear oversize pants anymore (my past boy life). And some other items, but the fact that my father spent over $60 per pair for the jeans my mom looked at him sideways, as if we should have  went to Wal-Mart and purchased about 10 for that price. But the thing when shopping its not about the quantity its about the quality. Its a tough choice for some, but for myself I'd rather buy "investment pieces" which I'll talk more on later, than rather buying inexpensive items that don't last from now to next week. 

More rules to the Indecisive Shopper's Manual coming throughout the period of this blog, seeing that new rules are created and deleted often because fashion and shopping is a very addictive never-ending game. 

Sweater; Vintage 

Buku; meaning to have a lot of; many. 

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