Jun 7, 2013

Really, Socks?

Fully rested in bed with some old SpongeBob pj's on, which I received in high school as a Christmas gift from a friend. Every year we would pull names out a hat and etc etc. Well since middle school I've always hated my gift, because still then the tradition never failed and my gift was always a flop. Mainly because all my friends were mostly girls. Well girls who aren't into style, and neither was I at the time, but they also didn't know what on earth to get a boy. I always had a good time picking out theirs, which explains why I love going shopping with my girlfriends and helping style them for special occasions to this day. Funny how you think back on your past and seeing that even then your actions will always lead to the path that was already written for you.

But anyway, I've received the weirdest gifts from friends in my past. I received a used teddy bear, yes used, meaning it was theirs for years and didn't look new at all. I also received a pair of socks. Socks! Not a pack of socks. It was one single pair, all white wrapped in ugly wrapping paper. I was too pissed, and the "normal" gift was just the budget money amount.

I was always the type that enjoyed opening a good gift, so receiving money was a blah emotion for me at the time. But oh how times have changed because I'd take money any day over a gift from my friends now. Even to this day my friends still give horrible gifts. I have to let them know exactly what to get otherwise I'll get something I'd never or hardly wear and wouldn't buy. It often comes across as me "wanting" a gift every time, which isn't true. I'd pick quality time over a gift any day. But less than a couple often  see it as me "asking" for a gift, which I feel misunderstood, because I see it like this, either you surprise me and get a gift I could careless for and have no use, or I'll inform you on some stuff that caught my eye. Simply an easy choice, I'd be pissed if I spent my money on a gift that'll never be used, but then again I'am told I'm different. So money now is highly favored. But I remember when I received these Sponge Bob pjs that I was actually happy. I really loved them and still wear them to this day and that was 7 years ago. But the lesson that I learned from my past gift giving was that even though I might've received a gift I normally wouldn't want if had the choice but to be grateful and accept for now that later will be better. But really the lesson truly is that even though you might be in a horrible situation or receiving bad news (in my case many times, but fuck it, life goes on) one day you too will receive good news and feel a lot better, just give it time.

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