Jun 20, 2013

Gone With The Wind

Many occasions we go through situation where we have to walk away from. Meaning the current shit just ain't good to be around. I strongly believe in GOOD energy. Throughout the period of isolation you come to terms with yourself and others in your life. It was a point in my life during the tragic year of 2011, worst year in my life where I made a decision to unplug  a friendship. Even though not thinking everything through, I felt angry and my emotions were high as they can get, I'd just erased the past and moved on with my life. Maybe a good decision at the time, but in the long run I randomly found myself missing that person. Never had a argument, a few disagreements, but the positive in our friendship overflowed the negative and it was very much worth savaging. I decided to mend a relationship with a past best friend of mine. 

When I set up the dinner date I knew our friendship was gonna go back to the norm, and it did. Like nothing never changed. I missed my best friend so much, and even though I have more than a few best friends, this was my supporter who never judged me and accepted me for who I am and was just always there. We celebrated many things together, even going to my first club with her and spending countless nights out just having fun, especially on graduation night, one of my favorite past time moments. Truly a friend everyone should have. 

Dinner Date Photos

final words from the fabulous Ru Paul...

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