Jun 10, 2013

Fabulous Finds: OMG Shoes!

Seeing that my obsessions has changed from year to year and in some cases a few lasted for years. My childhood before high school had anything and everything to deal with wrestling. I had the action figures, wall literally covered with posters and photos, video games and even ordered all the pay-per-view wrestling shows and even took the time to record each televised show. Yes I was addicted. That went away very fast once I entered high school. 

Then my obsession was photography, which I also was obsessed with it in middle school, hint that I made my own yearbook in the 8th grade because my school didn't supply one. But I joined the yearbook club and was always taking photos with my disposable camera, until I was editor at large and got to use the digital cameras. Oh how my life changed to the digital world. 

After high school I went off to college for fashion and boy oh boy did I have my own style and learned more about my style and shoes and clothes and hairstyles. What an era! But I'm currently getting over my obsession with DVD's and its moving slowly to shoes. I absolutely love shoes which Is why I listed my current obsessions 

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